Ladder Hire

The need for stable, safe and high quality ladders is evident in many industries and occupations, including construction, roofing, cleaning & restoration, painting, and even DIY home improvement. However, many homeowners only have a temporary need for a good ladder, and it is quite common for ladders not to be used for years after the initial use. Ladder hire gives the average individual or business owner the opportunity to ensure safety and access professional equipment on a short-term basis at a low daily or weekly rate. The following information outlines the main aspects and benefits of ladder hire.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Ladder Hire

For jobs that carry significant risk, only the best ladders should be considered, as sub-standard equipment could lead to a disastrous mishap involving serious injury. Professional-grade ladders come in a diverse assortment of sizes, designs and price ranges, but even the more affordable aluminum ladders can cost $150-$300. Spending this kind of money to only use the ladder once, or even a couple of times, simply doesn't make sense, yet purchasing a low quality ladder for less could also be a regrettable mistake. A ladder that costs $500 to buy may only cost about $30 to rent for a single day, and the price per day decreases drastically as more days are added to the rental (a week rental of such a ladder would most likely cost about $60). Based on these numbers, one would have to require use of a ladder for at least several weeks to warrant purchasing their own professional ladder, otherwise ladder hire would be a more economic short-term solution.

Ladder Hire Types

Some of the most common ladder types offered for ladder hire include fiberglass step, combination, aluminum, alloy step, pole, extension, and roof ladders. The type of ladder you choose should be based on your specific needs, preferences and budget. Aluminum ladders are becoming increasingly common because of their durable, reliable and lightweight nature. Combination ladders are ideal for customers that have diverse needs but don't want to rent two different ladders. Extension ladders are perfect for jobs that have an unknown height requirement or particularly difficult restrictions. Fiberglass ladders are also becoming popular for many of the same reasons as aluminum, however fiberglass is completely non-conductive, so it is perfect for roofing in hot climates (where the material of the ladder could become unbearably hot).

How to Choose a Ladder Hire

When choosing a ladder hire there are two important aspects that need to be considered reliability and rates. It is imperative to ensure that any ladder hire company you deal with is a reputable, certified and insured company that has plenty of positive feedback. Look for companies that are able to offer reasonable savings without sacrificing the quality of their service. Any time a company makes guarantees regarding delivery time or overall satisfaction, there is a good chance they will be able to back them up. Make sure the staff of the ladder hire company is certified with PASMA or other professional training to properly inspect the ladders before delivering them to your place of home or business.

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